My Projects

IP Address Management using phpIPAM:

Improved the way the team was documenting IP addresses by removing the need of spreadsheets by configuring and deploying an open source IPAM tool named phpIPAM on a Linux VM.


CentOS Linux, VMWare, MYSQL, Ansible, System Administration

Container Deployment using Docker:

Built an environment running Docker locally and in the cloud for POC. Presently working on intergrating applications using Docker containers.


Docker CE, Docker for Mac & Windows, YAML, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Docker Hub, AWS EC2, ECS, & ECR.

Network Automation Using Ansible and Python

Successfully deployed network automation using Ansible for Cisco and Juniper devices and using python for production level Avaya switches.


Cisco router 2800, Cisco switch 3560, Python, Juniper EX3200 switch, Cisco IOS, Junos OS, ACLI, Avaya switches, CentOS, Ansible.

Application Performance Monitoring

Developed an efficient monitoring system using AWS involving multiple monitoring tools to gather system & application related metrics.


Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), Amazon AWS, Docker Containers, Ganglia, Logstash, Nagios, Microsoft Visio.

DevOps Deployment Architectures

Analyzed and tested different DevOps architectures and worked on publishing a research paper describing these architectures.


Amazon AWS, Ansible, Docker containers, VMware, Configuration management, Academic cloud.